A Collection of Blackpink Jisoo Car Photos Leaving Inkigayo, 5 Feb’17 – 4 Feb’18

Blackpink Jisoo just ended her MC position on SBS Inkigayo to focus more on upcoming Blackpink new album. Every time she left SBS Inkigayo, she always greeted and talked to fans who have been waiting for her outside the building. Lets remember her lively and friendly nature during car photos moments or mini fans meeting while leaving Inkigayo from February 5, 2017 to February 4, 2018.


Blackpink Jisoo Funniest Moments, Singing Her Own Songs Compilation

We love Blackpink Jisoo’s lively personality. Her spontaneity is beyond amazing. She loves to sing her own song in spontaneous way and it never fails to make us laugh. Here we collect all of her self-composed sings from Blackpink House Episode 1-4.

Car Photos After Inkigayo, Blackpink Jisoo Stuns in Simple Red Outfit

Blinkeu nyeongan!

Today is Chunday, the day we always wait for to see Blackpink Jisoo as an MC on SBS Inkigayo.

Let’s take a look at Blackpink Jisoo performance for today Inkigayo show. She looked absolutely pretty and gorgeous here in purple outfit, her favorite color.

Sunmi Thanks Blackpink Jisoo Through New Instagram Photo

Blackpink Jisoo Sunmi 2018

Sunmi, the ‘Gashina’ singer, just shared new photo on her Official Instagram, showing off a bottle with Blackpink Jisoo’s photo on it. She then wrote a caption, “Thank you MC Jichuu.” So, what’s going on by the way? Why is Blackpink Jisoo’s photo on that bottle?

Selfie with Trophy, Blackpink Thanks Fans for Always Supporting

Blackpink Selfie Seoul Music Awards 2018

Blackpink just won a Bonsang Award yesterday, Congrats! Blackpink Wins the Main Prizes of Seoul Music Awards 2018. After the show, around 1 a.m. KST, January 26, 2018, Blackpink shared new adorable photos and video with the trophy through Instagram and Vlive CH+. They felt so grateful for all the supports Blinks has given to Blackpink. Here are their posts:

Blackpink Jisoo Just Said The Sweetest Thing Ever on Jennie’s Birthday

Every Blink knows, Blackpink Jisoo and Jennie have superior romantic friendship ever. We usually call them as Jensoo (Jennie Jisoo). Both are well known for being cute, soft and sweet to each other, even in public occasion.

Look how adorable they are at the airport,

So Sweet, Read Blackpink Cute Message To Cheer Up Each Other in 2018

Today, Blackpink posted heartwarming message to cheer up each other in 2018. Those messages are totally cute, funny and so sweet 😍. What did they write for each other? Let’s scroll down and keep reading the message one by one blinkeu!

So Pretty, Blackpink Jisoo Stuns in Red as She Leaves Inkigayo

Blackpink Jisoo Car Photos Inkigayo

Blinkeu nyeongan!

Today is Chunday, the day we always wait for to see Blackpink Jisoo as an MC on SBS Inkigayo. Gladly, Jinjido (Jinyoung-Jisoo-Doyoung) are finally back together as MC for the show this week.

Just couple hours after SBS Inkigayo show ended, many Blinks were waiting outside the building and ready to meet Blackpink Jisoo on her way home.

Blinks started to scream when seeing a black car with an opened window showing a beautiful girl with long straight black hair and striking red dress cheerfully waving her hands to the crowd.

BLACKPINK Vocabularies Every Blink Must Know

Blackpink Jisoo Jennie Rose Lisa and kuma vlive

Maybe some of you are still wondering what does nyeongan or ppoong mean? Why do Blackpink members love to say Ppoong? Here are Blackpink vocabularies you must know. So you won’t get confused when you find some on social media. They are unique, cute and funny. 😌

Blackpink Jisoo Vocabularies:

Nyeongan is a catchphrase meaning “Hello” as well as “goodbye” made by Blackpink Jisoo. It comes from Annyeong meaning hello but it is spoken backwards, Nyeong + An. Blackpink Jisoo said on Weekly Idol ep. 310, “Nyeongan, It’s a catchphrase I made.”

Ppoong is a catchphrase made by Blackpink Jisoo. You can say it whenever you want. It doesnt have specific meaning, even Blackpink Jennie said it doesnt exist.  In Hangul it is written this way, 뿡, therefore sometimes it is said as bboong. Just choose which one you love, either Ppoong or Bboong.

Funny and Crazy, Blinks’ Reactions to Blackpink Jisoo-Jennie Sweetest Moments at The Airport

Blinkeu Nyeongan!

Many Blinks believe that Jensoo (Blackpink Jennie-Jisoo) are the superior shippers surpassing Lisoo (Lisa and Jisoo), Chaesoo (Chaeyoung and Jisoo) and Jenlisa (Jennie and Lisa) shippers. The intimate, sweet, cute yet mature friendship among Blackpink Jennie and Blackpink Jisoo is real.

Both Blackpink Jisoo and Jennie will be automatically soft to each other when they are together. We can see, every time Jennie is with Jisoo, those gummy smiles shine bright on her face. We also need to admit that only Blackpink Jisoo can make Jennie laughs so freely. And if you remember, the way Blackpink Jisoo throws jokes is one of the reason why Blackpink Jennie loves her (of course as the closest friend) because she makes her laughs a lot.

Yesterday, at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand. Blackpink Jennie and Jisoo fed blinks so well with good quality content. Blackpink Jennie was being so clingy to Blackpink Jisoo in sweet, soft, and cute way. Many Thai Blinks who record the video surprised seeing a jaw-dropping romantic show right in front of them 😂

Let’s us show you the pics!