Blackpink Spotted at Sauna and Ski Area Filming Blackpink House

On February 12, 2018, fans spotted Blackpink filming Blackpink House at Sauna and Ski area. Waaah, it suddenly reminds us of JENSOO (Jennie+Jisoo) story that was revealed through Knowing Bros TV Show, they become close to each other after went to public bath together and they just knew each other for 3 days that time. Here are the fan-taken photos!


Blackpink Jisoo Funniest Moments, Singing Her Own Songs Compilation

We love Blackpink Jisoo’s lively personality. Her spontaneity is beyond amazing. She loves to sing her own song in spontaneous way and it never fails to make us laugh. Here we collect all of her self-composed sings from Blackpink House Episode 1-4.

Jennie, Rose and Lisa were Spotted Filming Blackpink House Today

Blackpink Jennie, Rose, and Lisa were spotted filming Blackpink House today, January 31, 2018. Firstly, fans spotted Blackpink Rose in Hongdae. Later on, fans spotted Blackpink Jennie and Lisa at Alice: Into The Rabbit Hole Exhibition. See the fan-taken photos below!

Filming Blackpink House, Lisa and Rose Go to See MC Jisoo on Inkigayo

As usual, today is Chu Day, the day when Blackpink Jisoo becomes MC on SBS Inkigayo every Sunday. Blackpink Jisoo got special supports this time since Blackpink Lisa and Rose dropped by not only for supporting and cheering her but also for filming Blackpink House. So, what did they do during the show?

Thailand Trip, See The Newest Blackpink House Photos and Video official Instagram just dropped new video of Blackpink during Thailand Trip. Jensoo (Jennie Jisoo) and Chaelisa (Chaeyoung-Lisa) photos look so sweet. See the photos and video below!

So Sweet, Blackpink Members Make Adorable Cake for Lucky Blink

Blinkeu, have you watched Blackpink House Episode 3? Well, we encourage you to watch it soon. You will find so much laughter there, really. This episode is so funny, including that hidden camera project as a surprise for lucky blink who won Blackpink House’s gift. Even Blackpink Jisoo and Lisa made special cake for her. So sweet!

So Funny, KRUNK Gives Blackpink a Surprise in Blackpink House Ep.3

Blackpink Rose Krunk Blackpink House

There is so much laughter in Blackpink House Episode 3, including those funny scenes when KRUNK visited Blackpink House and surprised Blackpink with a lovely Thailand Trip. Here are the funniest scenes of KRUNK in Blackpink House Episode 3.

Blackpink House Recap, Episode 2: Beauty, Teamwork and Friendship

Jisoo blackpink House

We must admit, Blackpink House is getting better and better from one episode to another. Damn! This episode 2 has so much fun and even way more funnier. Love it so much!

Blackpink House is not just showing a video of Blackpink members doing random activities but instead it really shows us what we have been craving for. It not only shows funny video but also shows us how powerful they are, how close they are and how solid they are.

In this episode, Blackpink House tries to showcase Balckpink members’ real beauty, team work, friendship and secret talents that we have never seen before. The concept of this show is so adorable!

So Cute, See Lisa Gives Jisoo Piggyback Ride in Blackpink House Ep 2

Lisa Piggyback Jisoo Blackpink House

Today, Naver posted new preview photos of Blackpink House Episode 2 that will be released tonight at 9PM KST on Youtube and Vlive. Among those photos there is one that catches our attention the most, a photo of Blackpink Lisa gives a piggyback ride to Blackpink Jisoo while capturing Blackpink Rose during her Ceci magazine solo photoshoot.