Ppoong! Nyeongan!

If you are curious about this site, it is a good sign. Let’s be friends!

Who Runs This Website?

Blackpinkjisoo.com is just a fansite. We are not Kim Jisoo and we are not affiliated with her or her management. The site, content, graphics, photos and multimedia are copyrighted to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement is intended. All materials displayed on the website come from publicly available sources on the internet. If you own the rights to some of the content and do not wish it to be displayed here or would like to be given credit, please contact us and we will take action as soon as possible.

This site is run by a Blink.

A Blink? Who Are You?

I am a Blink with a public name Ani Ppoong. Blackpink is my rest area from my daily life as Google Search Engine Evaluator, Blogger, Traveler, and sometimes photographer. I created this blog as a present for Blackpink Jisoo’s birthday on January 3, 2018. Hopefully, this blog will contribute to the growth of this fandom in the future. If you have anything to say, feel free to contact me at support@blackpinkjisoo.com

Why do You Create Blackpinkjisoo.com?

I dont know how to show my love to support Jisoo if I live far away from her. But I will try. I created this blog as my present for her birthday on January 3, 2018. Kim Jisoo, Happy Birthday!

I will work so hard to spread loves about you and Blackpink OT4. Hopefully, this blog will contribute to the growth of this fandom in the future.

Why Is Blackpinkjisoo.com So Special for You?

When you put so much love to what you love to do, that makes special matters the most.

Did You Create This Site By Yourself?

Creating something as birthday present for the one I love, Blackpink Jisoo, I prefer to do it by my own so I can give personal touch in every design, choosing pics, words etc.

When Jisoo said, “It’s My Dream To Become Dust. If I Become Dust. I Will Always Be Around Blinks Without Blinks Knowing.”

I want to be dust like her too. Dust that spreads love about her without her knowing.



Blackpink In Your Area!

With love,

~Ani Ppoong~

The Founder and The Writer of Blackpinkjisoo.com

Contact: support@blackpinkjisoo.com

Credit and special thanks to some masternims below since we used some fan taken photos in the front page

photo by @D4Cgrapher D4Clabel photo by Riku



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