Blackpink just won a Bonsang Award yesterday, Congrats! Blackpink Wins the Main Prizes of Seoul Music Awards 2018. After the show, around 1 a.m. KST, January 26, 2018, Blackpink shared new adorable photos and video with the trophy through Instagram and Vlive CH+. They felt so grateful for all the supports Blinks has given to Blackpink. Here are their posts:

Firts, Blackpink shared a video on blackpinkofficial Instagram

Later on, Blackpink Jisoo shared selfie photos and video on Vlive CH+,

She wrote a caption,

항상 감동주는 블링크 고마워요
2018년도 열심히해서 꼭 블링크 기쁘게 해줄게요
다들 잘자요 좋은 꿈 꾸고

English trans:
Thank you BLINKs who always touched us (as in emotional feeling because she is grateful)
We will work hard in 2018 so that BLINKs will be happy
Everyone sleep well and have a nice dream
Beul-night ✨

and as always here is the best part, reading her replies to fans’ comments

J= Jisoo | F = Fans

F: I miss you
J: I miss you all too haha sleep well

F: heol chu-ya aren’t you tired?? You’re not sleeping at this late hourㅠㅠㅠ
J: I’m going to sleep soon. Half asleep~ heol

F: aigoo our chu ♡♡♡ you’ve worked hard. You must be really tired
J: BLINKs must be really tired too. Thank you

F: it says that today is the coldest day. Be careful of the cold!!!
J: ahhhhhhhhhh it’s so cold ㅠ

F: stay with BLINKs for a long long time in the future. BLINKs will only be walking the flower paths now. You all must be really tired after returning from Japan, so thank you for putting on a great performance. I love you all. 💙
J: hahaha BLINKs gave us the energy/strength ✨✨

F: ahhh so prettyㅜㅜ❤️ congrats. The trophy is really cool too ppong
J: haha it’s the trophy. I’m excited haha

F: Kim Jisoo’s award acceptance speech today “it’s too high!’ It was really cute ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ this cutie human being Kim Jisooㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
J: I didn’t thought that you all could hear it.. the mic is a real good mic..’ㅜ

F: BLINKs would be protecting blackpink from the back!!!! You can do it~~
J: so reliable. Really reliable👍🏻🤓❤️

F: mini chichu kekekeke
J: no I have long legs

J: everyone, you’ve worked hard today. Thank you all for coming to support and cheer on us even though it was really cold today. We were really warm all thanks to BLINKs (warm in our hearts ^.^ our hands and legs were so cold it was almost freezing. Today was really cold right??) Anyways please sleep warmly, be careful of the cold and I love you all. Good night ❤️✨

Blackpink Jennie also posted a group selfie on Vlive CH+

Blackpink Seoul Music Awards 2018

She wrote a caption,

블링크야 블링크야
추운데 감기 조심 하구
어제 너무 고마워요 ❤️
추운 날씨에 와주느라 고생했어요
좋은상 감사합니다

English Trans:

Blink yah blink yah
It’s cold so be careful not to catch a cold
thank you so much for yesterday ❤️
you’ve done well by coming even in this cold weather
thank you for the award

Cr. English translation by 💛✨BLACK&PINK✨💛 and mochi jen #translatorsquad

Meanwhile, the hottest news also came today: Oh My God! Blackpink Will Release New Mini Album This Year


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