Blackpink shows us once again how to win airport fashion. On Saturday afternoon, they were spotted arriving at GMP Airport off to Japan for All Live Nippon Vol. 6 performance at Yokohama Arena, tomorrow on January 21, 2018. Their look was a doozy. Indeed, they never fail to impress us with their travel dress code.

Blackpink Jisoo, the super visual member was all smiles while making her way through the airport. She just unveiled another impressive look, half up ponytail with wavy hair, oversized brown wool coat, and skinny jeans.

She keeps her looks classy with Chanel black backpack, Louis Vuitton white sneakers, and Saint Laurent passport case. Ahh ya, never forget that choco drink, look fashionable is important but choco drink is her life.

Blackpink Jennie, the fashionista member who can wear whatever, whenever, wherever, and always look certified flawless. She always keeps things first class with brown shierling coat, black skinny pant which coordinated nicely with matching black heeled ankle boots. And the result is so damn good!

Blackpink Rose, the angelic singer, stole the show by wearing perfect combination of comfy, casual, and swag outfits. She looked adorable in oversized brown wool coat that matched so well with her new hair color (OMG! She just dyed her hair?). She layered her outfits with turtle neck knitwear paired with ripped jeans and black Nike shoes made her swag look stays strong. Her amazing look made everyone wants to copy. We adore her style so much!

Blackpink Lisa, the swag girl, keeps her look simple yet super comfy with skinny jeans. Her luxe brown fur coat that matched perfectly with her hair color made her style as lovely as chic while still keeps her warm from the chill weather. And her black heeled ankle boots added a classy look to her today outfits.

Blackpink chic airport fashion left us super envy. They reminds us to style beautifully on flight, well book plenty of trips next months sounds good (triggered detected). But maybe, we couldn’t afford those trips if we bought Blackpink outfits to copy 😂😌💸😭

Blinkeu dont forget to watch Blackpink House Episode 3 tonight, for Blackpink hwaiting!!! see you tomorrow! Cant wait to see you guys rock the stage!

High Quality Pics: Blackpink at GMP Airport 20 January 2018

Blackpink Just Arrived at Haneda Airport Japan, See The Photos!

*Photos are copyrighted to their rightful owners, credit on its logo. No copyright infringement is intended 🤗


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Hi, I am a Blink with a public name Ani Ppoong. Blackpink is my rest area from my daily life as Search Engine Evaluator for Google, Blogger, Traveler, and sometimes Photographer. I created this blog as a present for Blackpink Jisoo's birthday on January 3, 2018. Hopefully, this blog will contribute to the growth of this fandom in the future. If you have anything to say, feel free to contact me at, Ppoong!

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