Finally, that mysterious picture of Blackpink Jisoo at the balcony was revealed. Around early December 2017, after Blackpink arrived in Seoul from Thailand trip, a photo of Blackpink Jisoo wearing red floral dress was outspread around the internet.

At that time, we are so curious where did that pic come from, if you guys still dont remember which pic, here you go

Blackpink Jisoo thailand trip

And today, on Blackpink Jennie’s birthday, Jennie ya Happy Birthday! Instagram sent birthday wishes to Blackpink Jennie by posting her beautiful photo in the balcony.
Blackpink jennie thailand trip

Tadaaa, detective blinks are so fast! A few minutes later, some fans posted Blackpink Jisoo and Jennie photos during Thailand trip on twitter. Blackpink Jisoo and Jennie were spotted at the balcony taking picture together. Some crews were spotted there too, they were likely filming Blackpink House.

The view is so mesmerizing and look so romantic 😍 Cant wait to see these moments on Blackpink House, it will be so beautiful 😍

Meanwhile, Blackpink Jennie just posted new photos on blackpinkofficial Instagram sending thank you note for all birthday wishes. Look at that little Jendeukie, OMG, cute to the fullest 😍 queen Jendeukie, Happy birthday!

*Photos are copyrighted to their rightful owners, credit on its logo. No copyright infringement is intended 🤗


About the Author Ani Ppoong

Hi, I am a Blink with a public name Ani Ppoong. Blackpink is my rest area from my daily life as Search Engine Evaluator for Google, Blogger, Traveler, and sometimes Photographer. I created this blog as a present for Blackpink Jisoo's birthday on January 3, 2018. Hopefully, this blog will contribute to the growth of this fandom in the future. If you have anything to say, feel free to contact me at, Ppoong!

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