Available soon! Blackpink Jisoo and the Perfect Brush winner, Minsco have graced the cover of Allure Korea Magazine, February 2018 issue. This morning, Allure Korea shared a video showing the sneak peek of its upcoming cover through its official Instagram. See how stunning they are!

Blackpink Jisoo and Perfect Brush winner Minsco made the cover of Allure February issue! Perfect Brush TOP 3 Beauty photos from the Feb issue can be seen online from today and Jan 18 offline. ” (cr. Eng Trans by )

Following the update, Naver featured Blackpink Jisoo pictorial on its homepage,

“Super visuals’: Blackpink Jisoo, the number one goddess of girl groups”

(cr. Eng trans: )

The general concept for Allure Magazine February 2018 cover is ‘A Girl Who is Fall In Love’. The magazine will show different looks when the girls are in love in 3 specific concepts. And Blackpink Jisoo will do photoshoot with all of those top three Perfect Brush winners with all three different concepts.

Blackpink Jisoo Get it beauty

Power Classic with Minsco (the winner)

Power Classic concept means when girls fall in love their confidence tends to grow. They can do things with passion, their self esteem grows higher, and they will use dominant color such as red or black.

Blackpink Jisoo Get it beauty

Modern Romantic concept with Ches

Modern Romantic concept means when girls fall in love, they become romantic, like a lovely feeling and as if it’s a dream. For the photoshoot they will use pastel color.

Blackpink Jisoo Get it beauty

Retro Glam with Kwak-Tori

Retro Glam concept means when girls fall in love, they kind of become glamorous. Fancy and captivating women with shiny look such as bling-blings, gold, and silver.

Curious with their behind the scenes photoshoot? Lets check it here: See Behind the Scenes of Blackpink Jisoo on Get It Beauty Photoshoot

Where to buy Blackpink Jisoo Allure Korea magazine? See the links below:

There will be two types of Magazine, Type A and Type B

International links:
Type A:


Type B:

Korean links:

Allure Type A:


Allure Type B:



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